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Fox Control

Please be assured we will deal with your fox problem in a professional manner. Our prices are very competitive so please ring to discuss your requirements with us directly. You will be under no obligation.


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Foxes can carry a range of parasites and diseases relevant to the health of domestic pets and people. As members of the canine family foxes are known to transmit numerous contagious diseases which can affect the health of pet dogs and cats. Most foxes have a variety of fleas and ticks but the most common disease which foxes are likely to transmit to man is toxocariasis. Fox faeces should be removed and it must be ensured that children wash their hands before they eat if they have been in any contact.

Daily Mail

Fox bites lump out of mother's arm after she got out of her car to try and shoo it away.

Services offered.

There are two types of fox control which can be used, both are DEFRA approved and within the 2006 wildlife act.

1. Live trapping. Which is setting a baited caged trap. Using approved traps with a trap door which shuts tight behind the fox once safely inside causing no harm to the fox.

2. Live shooting is used only in cases where we deem it safe and the property allows, which is quick, clean and silent.

3. Removal of any dead foxes found on your property for safe clinical waste disposal. The area where the fox was removed from will be disinfected and deodorised.

There are not many advertised ways to deter foxes on the market, most of which do not work. The dispatching of foxes caught in our traps, is humane, very quick and approved.

The releasing of trapped urban foxes is deemed as illegal under The Wildlife Act.

All our methods of control are DEFRA approved and within the wildlife act.


Our quote is generally based on a one or two week trapping cycle, using professional rigid traps. However, some properties may require more traps placed over a longer period of time.


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