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As fewer are being controlled and natural predators do not keep the numbers to an acceptable level rabbits can cause major problems to gardens and crops.

Rabbits can have up to 5 litters of 6 - 8 babies per time. The population is exploding and a need to control these numbers is all the more important, population explosions are inevitable if not controlled. Their constant burrowing can strip young plants and crops and gardens causing many problems and immense damage.

Rabbit pest control methods are shooting (both by day and night),we can dispatch your rabbits from a standard .22 air rifle through to .22 rim fire and shotgun.

We will visit your ground for a full assessment before any action is taken. Most of our weapons are quiet, so they can be used on your land even around other animals. We specialise on Golf Courses, Stables, Farms, Sports grounds, Nurseries, covering from allotments to farmland.

We can offer you anything from a single visit to yearly contracts depending on your requirements.


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