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You can find the nest of a wasp in a porch roof, attics, eaves of the house, shed and in similar places. The venom of a wasp is dangerous to those who are allergic to its sting. If you happen to notice large numbers of wasps around your home, then the chances are you have a nest and it would be advisable to take steps to treat the nest.

In some circumstances a wasp nest needs to be completely removed if it poses a risk to the public. However if you have a wasp nest that is in your loft, eaves, wall or roof then there are some very good arguments for leaving the nest in its present location after it has been treated.

When we have treated your nest, then after the wasps have died, the dust remains in the nest, it has quite a long shelf life and the dust remaining will stop any further infestation to or around the existing nest.


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